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Metal Photo Panels (Aluminium Plates)

No matter if you have personal photos, commercial photos, photographed artwork, scanned artwork or you just want interior/exterior signage for your business, your images will be enhanced by our metal printing process. Our process provides a depth and detail to your high resolution images that makes them look three dimensional. The translucent dyes and reflective quality of the aluminum lights up your images with color that POPS off the metal.

ChromaLuxe is the world’s leading brand manufacturer of high definition sublimatable photo panels. Through dye sublimation, images are infused directly into specially coated sheets of aluminium, wood and table top panels that turn any image into vibrant wall décor!

Suitable for desk top and large format sublimation systems.

High Gloss White Finish
A white base finish which will ensure true whites, deep blacks and an incredible depth of color to your print. This is our most popular finish. The High Gloss White finish looks great with any type of image especially artwork and photographs with a lot of color.

White Matte Finish
A white base finish that offers a softer, smoother finish compared to the high gloss finish. This finish has less sheen and looks great with portrait photography, wedding photography and photographs with a lot of color and vibrance.

High Gloss Silver Finish
A silver base metal. This finish allows metal grain to show through the gloss coating. This finish provides a metallic look with a very luminescent finish. This finish intensifies the color as the light reflects off the aluminum. This finish is best used on Black and White images, or very artistic photographs. We do not recommend using this finish for portraits.

Floating Hanger
A floating hanger is a cost effective way to hang your print. The print floats off of the wall approximately ½”.

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