Double-sided service stickers are typically used in automotive or equipment maintenance industries. These stickers have adhesive on both sides, allowing them to be affixed to a surface such as a vehicle windshield or machinery, with the service information visible from both inside and outside. They usually contain crucial details like the date of the last service, next service due date, mileage, and contact information for the servicing company. This ensures that the information is easily accessible to both the owner/operator and service personnel.

Service stickers are single or double sided printed stickers with a clear adhesive on one side (we call the adhesive side), colour can be used on both sides. This means they can be applied to the inside of clear surfaces (windows, glass panes, perspex panels etc) and viewed normally from the outside.

They have enormous application in the automotive industry (giving rise to the "service sticker" name) but also are widely used in manufacturing processes where visibility from the outside is needed.

We supply our service stickers in different sizes as standard, however if you need a specific size or shape, just ask us for a price, we can do any custom size or shape you may need, just ask!

We can now supply our service stickers with a total blockout option.

Custom Service Stickers allow you to have continual branding in your customer’s vehicles. Provide us with your logo and contact information and our inhouse design team can handle the rest of the design.

  • Full colour double sided printing
  • Available in portrait and landscape
  • Small and large print runs offered
  • Australia wide shipping
  • Free artwork design

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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