Envelope printing refers to the process of printing designs, addresses, logos, or other information directly onto envelopes. This can be done using various printing methods such as offset printing, digital printing, or even specialized printers designed specifically for envelope printing. Envelope printing is commonly used for business correspondence, marketing materials, event invitations, and various other purposes where a professional and customized appearance is desired. It allows for branding consistency and can save time and effort compared to handwriting or using labels.

In the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard, envelope sizes are categorized under the C series and DL size. Here are some common envelope sizes according to the ISO standard:

  1. C4 Envelope: This is designed to fit an A4 paper unfolded (measuring 229 x 324 mm).

  2. C5 Envelope: Designed to fit an A5 paper unfolded (measuring 162 x 229 mm).

  3. C6 Envelope: Designed to fit an A6 paper unfolded (measuring 114 x 162 mm).

  4. C7 Envelope: Designed to fit an A7 paper unfolded (measuring 81 x 114 mm).

  5. DL Envelope: This size is commonly used for business correspondence and typically fits an A4 sheet folded into thirds. It measures 110 x 220 mm.

These ISO standard envelope sizes are widely used globally and provide compatibility with various paper sizes based on the A series standard. They are often preferred for international correspondence and standardization purposes.


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